Greenhouse Hoops

Harvest high quality vegetables year-round in your own backyard!


Rainbow Harvest offers 12' wide greenhouse hoops made right here in Greenfield.  These hoops can be used to make a covered structure from 12' to 200' long.


We also offer 4' mini hoops for smaller yards and more affordable plant protection.



  • Harvest the freshest, high quality food year round in your own backyard

  • Protect your plants from all types of inclement weather

  • Get a head start on Spring and carry your crops right through the coldest months.

  • An unheated greenhouse can easily reach 70 degrees on a sunny Winter day.  What a great place to grow, read, write, or enjoy a beverage on a cold winter day!

  • Greenhouse grown vegetables tend to have higher yields, cleaner fruit, and often have reduced pest and disease pressure.




  • The cost is $36/hoop. 

  • Recommended hoop spacing is 4' for a year-round covered structure.

  • Contact for custom quotes.


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