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Greenfield Farmers' Market

Every Saturday (April 30 through October) from 8-12:30 on the  Greenfield Town Common


Greenfield Winter Farmers' Market

2016-17 Dates

November 5 & 19, December 3, January 7, February 4, March 4


Throughout the seasons we bring the best plants and produce from the field to you at the Greenfield Farmers' Market.  Join us as we celebrate the market's 41th year bringing fresh vegetables, meat, cheese, bread, and other local products to Franklin County.  We begin the season in April with dozens of varieties of veggie, herb, fruit, and flower plants to fill your garden.  Towards the end of the month the variety of plants explodes and the first of the produce begins to trickle in from the field.  An abundance of produce follows throughout the summer and fall ending just as it gets too cold to stand outside on a Saturday morning!

Growing Philosophy


I consider my approach to growing food to be "beyond organic" and I have not found an alternative label that I find to be suitable.  Absolutely no herbicides or pesticides are used, even the organic ones.  The vast majority harm even the beneficial insects that I seek to protect.  No synthetic fertilizers are used on the farm or in the greenhouses.  Along with economic considerations, all farm decisions are made with consideration for wildlife habitat impact, soil, water, and air quality, and human health.  Recycled materials are often repeatedly reused and repurposed and new materials are sourced locally whenever possible. 


Farming Methods:
We are honored to have the opportunity to steward a beautiful property on Adams Rd. in Greenfield.  Our growing practices are guided by a respect for nature and natural systems. We seek to increase biodiversity, and foster an environment where beneficial insects, fungi, and microbes can thrive. We use practices that protect the diverse ecology on the farm, and minimize environmental harm both on and off the farm.


Are We Organic?:
We are not USDA certified organic, but we do follow all regulations set forth in the National Organic Program (NOP).  Please feel free to inquire about our growing practices.  Visits to the farm are welcome with prior arrangement if you'd like to see how your food is grown.


Pest Control:
We use holistic management practices to reduce pest populations and do not use any conventional or organic pesticides.  We use a variety of methods to control pests including good fertility management, intentional plantings to attract and support beneficial insects, beneficial insect releases, biological and mycorrhizal inoculations, beneficial nematodes and selection of resilient crops and varieties. We continue to experiment with releasing and attracting beneficial insects in both the field and greenhouse.


Our fertility management program utilizes regular soil testing to determine what materials need to be added each year for optimum soil health and growing conditions. We use cover crops to provide organic matter and nitrogen, as well as to smother weeds and break up compact soils. We add a variety of minerals including many important trace minerals (boron, cobalt, selenium, copper, etc) that are often overlooked on farms. Our bodies rely on these minerals being present in our food. If they have been depleted in our soils, they will not be available in our food. Adding these minerals in appropriate quantities also helps develop more resilient plants that have increased resistance to pests and disease. We also use a variety of other materials for fertility including poultry manure, lime, gypsum, bone char, soft rock phosphate, fish emulsion, and more.

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