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Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers and Fruit Plants


In 2016 we continue to expand our selection of fruit, vegetable, herb and flower plants available to home gardeners and small farmers.  We grow primarily food producing plants with a particular passion for chile peppers, heirloom tomatoes, and culinary herbs.  Additionally, we also have medicinal herbs, flowers, figs, blueberries, hardy kiwi and more.  All seeds are Organic when available we NEVER use genetically engineered varieties.  All plants are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

 Heirloom Tomatoes


The flavor of an heirloom tomato is just an unbeatable summer treat and they always taste best when you grow them yourself!  Every year we trial dozens of varieties and offer our favorites and most reliable selections as plants each spring.  We offer many well known heirlooms like Brandywine, San Marzano and Cherokee Purple along with several lesser known varieties such as Big Rainbow, Paul Robeson, and Green Moldovan.  Green Moldovan, one of my absolute favorites is a large green beefsteak tomatoes that has a sparkly gold blush on the blossom end when ripe.  This sweet and velvety tomato has just enough acid to give it a good balance for the perfect tomato sandwich.  Come see us at the Greenfield Farmers' Market for the best selection or contact us if you'd like to know about particular varieties.


We also have a selection of hybrid red slicing tomatoes and cherry tomatoes if prefer a more traditional tomato with higher production.

Peppers, Eggplant, Tomatillos & Ground Cherries


  • Sweet pepper varieties including many that are much more flavorful than the common red bell!

  • Hot peppers are a passion of mine and I can't resist growing all kinds from very mild to the hottest I can find.  We have varieties for drying, stuffing, stir fries, soups, hot sauce, pickling and more.  This years selections include Jalapenos, Poblanos, Habaneros, Aji Limon (Lemon Drop), Czech Black, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost), Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, Cascabel, Pasilla, Scotch Bonnet, Pepperoncini, and more!

  • Eggplant - We offer classic large fruited types as well as the skinny Asian type, heirloom varieties and perhaps best of all, the mild and creamy WHITE Eggplant. 

  • Green or Purple Tomatillos are a high yielding treat that makes for an easy and amazing salsa!

  • Ground Cherries are a sweet and tangy summer treat.  These little fruits are related to tomatoes and tomatillos and have a flavor that is reminiscent of (according to farmers' market customers): mango, pineapple, fruit loops, and cherry tomatoes.


Herbs & Flowers


We offer a wide variety of annual and perennial, culinary and medicinal herbs.  If you have a small garden space and limited time, growing herbs just may be the way to go.  Most are lower maintenance than most vegetables and can add a ton of flavor to any meal.  Plant them as close to the kitchen as possible and you'll be more likely to use them on a regular basis!  We also have a selection of easy to grow flowers for containers or garden planting.  Some also help to repel pests when interplanted with your vegetables.


Lettuce, Spinach, Broccoli and other Cold Tolerant Plants


These plants can typically be planted several weeks before the last frost.  They can tolerate freezing to varying degrees but will benefit from added protection for the earliest plantings.  The majority of these crops are commonly planted from April-May and again from Mid-July to August.  Some can be planted even later and carried into (or through) the winter with minimal protection.  Some examples are lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, and swiss chard.

Cucumbers, Squash & Melons


These vining crops take up a bit of space but many can be trellised upwards if your space is limited.  Squash and cukes are a bit easier to grow but melons can offer an unbeatable treat if you have the space and patience.  We offer slicing and pickling cukes, watermelon, cantaloupe, zucchini, Zephyr, Butternut, and a variety of other winter squash types.

Berries & Fruit


This year our fruit selection includes blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, fig trees, and hardy kiwi (a nutritious and delicious fuzzless mini kiwi about the size of a grape).

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