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Infused Sea Salts

Rainbow Harvest Infused Sea Salts are a high quality gourmet seasoning salt that offer an easy way to add vibrant local flavors to nearly everything you eat. 


We start with a very clean, unrefined high quality Mediterranean sea salt, and add Rainbow Harvest Farm grown HERBS, CHILES, or GARLIC.  Our "Smoked" varieties also contain a Pacific Alder Smoked Sea Salt.  The salt we use is naturally high in trace levels of magnesium, which act as a natural anti-caking agent allowing us to leave out the additives that many flavored salts contain.  Our product contains only farm fresh ingredients and sea salt, that's it!  We produce our salts locally in small batches a certified facility.


To purchase locally, find us at the Greenfield Farmers' Market (year-round) or contact us directly


If you would like products shipped, you may contact us directly or visit our etsy store:


All of our salts make excellent bread dipping oils for when mixed with a high quality olive oil.  They are also great on popcorn or soft pretzels.


CHIPOTLE- Our most popular flavor.  Use it on vegetables, meats, eggs, and more.


HABANERO - Adds a citrusy zing to fish, meat, or vegetables.


HABANERO SMOKED - My favorite flavor.  Great on meat, fish, and vegetables.  Awesome in guacamole or just dusted on an avocado.


JALAPENO - Adds a mild jalapeno flavor. 


JALAPENO SMOKED - Adds a mold smokey heat to any dish.


GARLIC - Great on vegetables, garlic bread, poultry, meat, and more.  Very nice garlicky flavor.


THAI - Lemongrass, Ginger and Chiles make this Thai flavored salt great on seafood, asian noodles and stir fry dishes.


GINGER - Try some in a stir fry, or sprinkle some on vanilla ice cream for a real treat!


ROSEMARY - Great in a bread dipping oil, in any potato dish, or sprinkled on roasted vegetables.


CHILE & GARLIC - Want some heat with your garlic all in one jar?  This salt is infused with fresh garlic and a variety oy of chiles.

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